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hello everyone, i'm a 20yr old girl and i hope to make new friends here.   I hope everyone understands but at the moment i don't want to tell my name or too much about myself as i want to keep my personal life private.   

I want some advice as me and my partner have been trying for a kid for about a year  ^pray^ and i would be very grateful if anyone can help me as i'm hoping to get pregnant.

I'm getting some symptoms that i'm not sure what they could mean and i'm very nervous.

So here are some of my dates and symptoms:-

1. Had s*x on 11th, 13th and 15th april 2008.
2. Breasts became painful about a week or more after s*x
3. Noticed the nipples going darker about 3 days ago
4. Yesterday and today had some clear/milky nipple discharge
5. Today have had slight bleeding for about 2hrs which has now stopped, but tomorrow is my actual date for period.

Please note that I normally have slight bleeding, but this never stops or slows down and goes onto become heavy bleeding.

Thanks everyone for your advice!

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Hello hope4akid, welcome to Fertility Friends. :)

I am sorry I cannot really advise you as to how or what your "symptoms" might mean as I only ever got pregnant after fertility treatment so was on lots of drugs which tend to make you feel all sorts of odd symptoms anyway! I guess the only way to tell would be to do a pregnancy test and, as your period is due tomorrow anyway, why don't you do one then as it will probably pick up a pregnancy if you are. :)
You don't mention whether or not you have any known fertility issues or if you have an reason to suspect getting pregnant might not be so simple for you. It takes most couples up to 12 months to get pregnant naturally with regular sex, i.e. about 3 times a week every month. By the end of 12 months aproximately 80% are pregnant. Of the rest, some just take a littl longer to get pregnant and a much smaller percentage seek help and find they need medical assistance to make a baby. It it that smaller minority that you will find here on FF. Most of our members find when theya re either about to start the processof investigations or are about to embark upon treatment and that's where you will find FF can support its member best. :) you may find a more general ttc webiste more helpful to you at this stage. ??? Try some of these sites:



If you find you reach the 12 month stage and have not got pregnant yet, you could see your GP but be prepared that most tend to want you to be tryign naturally for 2 years without success before they will refer you for tests. However, if you have good reason to suspect you have a problem, then you could probably make a good case for your GP to order tests now. Here's a link to a general guide for fertility tests / treatments:


Here are a few more links that you might find useful:

What Every New Member Needs To Know (includes a list of common abbreviations) ~ CLICK HERE

Starting out & Diagnosis ~ CLICK HERE

Complimentary Therapies ~ CLICK HERE

Wishing you lots of luck. ^reiki^


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