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This is my first post. I am really keen to hear if anyone has had the same experience as me the day before bleeding started. My 1st IVF attempt failed in May 2010. I had a day 2 transfer of 2 X 4 cell embryos. On day 10, I experienced very strong stomach pain with bad hot sweats, upset stomach & vomiting which lasted about 25 mins. The pain then subsided and I was left feeling shivery for about an hour.  The next day (day 11), I started to bleed and it was game over. 

I am now on day 11 (18th Dec '10) of my 2nd full cycle. On day 3, I had 2 X 8 cell embbies transferred and felt so hopeful. This morning I experienced exactly the same symptoms as I had the day before I started to bleed last time so my DH and I are expecting the worst.
Has anyone else had this happen to them & have you been given any explanation of what causes it?
Thank you.

Marie Frances

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