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New home mums to be.

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EDD 11/03/05 - Scoop - ^baby2^
EDD 14/03/05 - LindaJane - ^baby2^
EDD 15/03/05 - Mini - ^baby2^ ^angel^
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EDD 18/03/05 - KP (Annette) - ^baby2^
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EDD 21/03/05 - Suew - ^baby2^
EDD 27/03/05 - abj - ^baby2^
EDD 28/03/05 - MrsP (Kate) - ^baby2^ ^angel^
EDD 29/03/05 - Manda73uk - ^baby2^
EDD 01/04/05 - Spinnywoman - ^baby2^
EDD 01/04/05 - Amber - ^baby2^
EDD 06/04/05 - Elly - ^baby2^ ^baby2^
EDD 09/04/05 - Christi - ^baby2^
EDD 10/04/05 - Nicj - ^baby2^ ^baby2^
EDD 10/04/05 - TraceyT - ^baby2^
EDD 14/04/05 - Lynne1 - ^baby2^
EDD 18/04/04 - Zoe M - ^baby2^
EDD 19/04/05 - Pocahontas - ^baby2^
EDD 19/04/05 - HellyBelly - ^baby2^
EDD 20/04/05 - Alice M - ^baby2^
EDD 23/04/05 - Chux - ^baby2^
EDD 25/04/05 - LizB - ^baby2^ ^angel^
EDD 25/04/05 - Cleo1 - ^baby2^
EDD 30/04/05 - Kyra - ^baby2^ ^baby2^
EDD 29/04/05 - Thirtysix - ^baby2^
EDD 30/04/05 - Cleo1 - ^baby2^
EDD 02/05/05 - mmmbop - ^baby2^
EDD 02/05/05 - Hammy - ^baby2^
EDD 03/05/05 - Sally L - ^baby2^ C/Sect 20/04/05
EDD 04/05/05 - Owennicki - ^baby2^
EDD 04/05/05 - Oink - ^baby2^
EDD 05/05/05 - KT (Kerry) - ^baby2^ ^baby2^
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EDD 06/05/05 - Morgan - ^baby2^ ^baby2^
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EDD 07/05/05 - Ready4Family - ^baby2^
EDD 08/05/05 - Bluesoo - ^baby2^
EDD 09/05/05 - jdrobinson (Janet) - ^baby2^
EDD 10/05/05 - Ellie - ^baby2^
EDD 10/05/05 - idreamofbaby (Debs) - ^baby2^
EDD 14/05/05 - Sarah Lou2 - ^baby2^
EDD 15/05/05 - Maxbabe - ^baby2^
EDD 18/05/05 - dekimk- ^baby2^
EDD 19/05/05 - Nikaos- ^baby2^ ^baby2^
EDD 19/05/05 - Janis18 - ^baby2^ ^baby2^
EDD 20/05/05 - maureen - ^baby2^
EDD 24/05/05 - Babyblu (Julie) - ^baby2^
EDD 25/05/05 - Su23 - ^baby2^
EDD 25/05/05 - QueenofSheba - ^baby2^ ^baby2^
EDD 08/06/05 - Gillian35 - ^baby2^
EDD 08/06/05 - AliC - ^baby2^ ^baby2^
EDD 08/06/05 - Churchill - ^baby2^
EDD 08/06/05 - Andy_n_Yil ^baby2^
EDD 09/06/05 - Beverley W - ^baby2^ ^angel^
EDD 09/06/05 - FionaIM - ^baby2^ ^baby2^


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Hiya Everyone

Wow, I can't believe I have actually made it here!!!! It's also great to see some familiar names, I'm due around the same time as some of you.
Andy, I'm also having short cravings that only last a weeks or so and I can't stand chicken at all which is weird as that is our main meat that we eat. I'm tending to crave the more savoury stuff rather than the sweet stuff.
Can I ask everyone a question? I am still getting lower abdominal twinges which are mainly when I have a wee (sorry tmi), they are very low down and although my midwife has sent off a couple of samples they have come back ok, she seems to think it is my pelvic floor muscle. Is anyone else having this and is it anything I should be worrying about? Apart from that I feel really well except for that I have been waking up between 3-4 am every morning from the start of pregnancy so it's leaving me very tired throughout the day.

Absolutely cannot wait until I feel the babies move!!!!

Anyway, looking forward to getting to know you all

Ali xxx

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Hi all

Pig's trotters - oh dear.

Andy - don't worry we all have off days when things make us queasy.  I've felt worse since the queasiness lifted and have been signed off work for the last 6 weeks so the 2nd tri isn't always easier.

Ali - I've had odd twinges from the start and was told it was muscles and ligaments stretching.  Not so good when I sneeze though!! Ouch!

Midwife appointment went fine today with everything as it should be for 26 weeks.  Different midwife though, who tested my sample bottle then put the lid back on and handed the full bottle back to me!  For some reason I didn't question this (oh to have the pre-pregnancy common sense back!) and even put it back in  my bag - she didn't even give me a fresh bottle for next time.  Most strange.

love Annette

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Hi girls,

Wow, busy day.

Welcome to all the newcomers. 

BlueSoo, have fun at your Christmas concert.  Sounds like you're on the countdown, but your bubs must love it. 

Janis18, glad to hear about your appointment. 

gillian, funny how your cravings keep changing.  At least it keeps things interesting.  You must be looking forward to your scan.

jrobinson, congrats on a girl.  It's funny isn't it?  I had a feeling (for no real reason) that we were having a girl and it turned out to be a boy.  Guess those gender quizes don't really work (duh, really?)

Scoop, so it sounds like the 2nd trimester is the energy one?  It makes sense though as the tummy grows bigger and bigger.  I always wonder why pregnant women don't fall flat on their face from the weight at their front. 

dekimk, great that you were able to get a scan inbetween.  I don't blame you as the wait is long.  Lucky you gets another one at 32 weeks!  Yeah, the nosebleeds don't stop.  We're seeing our dr next week so I think I'll mention it (actually, if I hadn't read about it, I wouldn't have known that it's related to being pregnant).  Thanks for the note about the financial aspect. You're right...our little one is worth EVERY penny.  I just want to be able to give him everything and more!

Andy, pigs trotters???

manda, hope you're doing ok with the gestational diabetes. 

chux, how amazing how you feel you're little one.  I'm still waiting for that (I think...sometimes I'm not sure if I'm feeling my dinner digest or feel him moving a bit).  Lucky you to have another scan.  The financial part is going to be a change because I've always been quite independent.  Even though we're married, I like having my own income so it will be strange not bringing in any money. 

LindaJane, your bath sounds marvelous....very relaxing.

KP, I'm with you...I'm definitely not normal.  ;D

Has anyone started thinking of names?  We had a holiday party on the weekend and we did a gift exchange.  Dh got my name and so he bought me a book of 15,000 names.  What a great gift.  I'm going through the boy names one by one and marking nice ones.  I told DH that I want to name our son Kermit, but for some reason dh doesn't like that  ^roflmao^  (honest, that's a name that's listed)

Hello to everyone I"ve missed.  Hope everyone is doing well.


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Jane - Wow Cuba. Have a great time.

BlueSoo - I'm sure bubs love the concerts - I think I'm right in saying he/she can make out noises from around about now.

Linda - We did 'Guess the Weight of the Baby' for a friend of mine and everyone was guessing around the 7/8lb mark. Quite funny as her son was born weighing 10lb 110z!!

Annette - Good luck with the physio tomorrow.

Gillian - Great to see you over here. Being up and down emotionally sounds completely normal to me!

Janet - ^congrats^ on the girl! Will you start buying for a girl even though there's a 10% chance it might be a boy? Have you got another scan when they can recheck?

mmmbop - Good luck for your scan today.

Kim - The tiredness is a killer sometimes isn't it? I've never heard of a maternity nurse though I can see it makes sense. Can you ask the midwife if they know of any?

Mand - What treatment do you have for gestational diabetes? Do you have to inject or tablets or is it just controlled by diet? I only ask as I've been told my risk of developing it is higher because of my underactive thyroid.

Ali - Great to see you over here. I can't help with the twinges except to say I've had cramps the whole way through which I've been told is just everything moving and stretching. Maybe that's what's causing your aches and pains too?

Annette - ^roflmao^ at you putting your sample back in your bag!

R4F - I know exactly how you feel about the independency thing. It was a couple of months before it dawned on me I wouldn't be earning my own money and would be reliant on dh for 'pocket money'. I'm very lucky in that he's not tight, but I think it will take a while to adjust and get used to being 'hired' by hubs!!

Zoe, Scoop, Andy, Jane, Sally and everyone else - hope you're doing ok.

Going back to cravings, I've not really had any cravings apart from maybe a week where I wanted chips constantly and two days I could have killed for cabbage. For the last week though I've developed a tasting for custard so I've stocked up - toffee custard, fresh custard, ambrosia - you name it I have it so I hope this craving lasts a while!! I would definately recommend the M&S luxury thick and creamy one. :)

Well I'm off to work so have a good day all,

Chux xx

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Morning all :)

Sorry I haven't posted for a while-have been having an "interesting "time telling work about being pregnant and my family being pants.

Anyway,have completely come to the conclusion that none of it matters as long as the bean is ok.

Well Janet-I had the same surprise as you-at my nuchal they said the bean looked like a boy (80%) and at my 20 weeks scan last week they said it was a girl.....so....I am booking a sexing scan in the next week or so.

I am off to New York with a girlfriend in Jan and as I won't be able to buy clothes for me it has to be "bean shopping".All the stuff I have so far is very neutral or slightly boyish and if I don't know the sex for sure the poor thing will be living in neutrals for months!
Other than you lot-nobody knows I am going to find out the sex and I don't intend telling anyone (except the mate I am going to New York with as she may just guess ;))

Am determined to make the most of life as it currently is and am also looking at booking a week in Oman at the end of Jan.Good news is for anyone who is interested,Gulf Air will allow you to fly,with no Dr's note right up to 34 weeks-all the others are 28!

Dekimk-I am also on the hunt for a maternity nurse-as a single parent who will be forced back to work fairly shortly after the birth (fortunately a lot from home) I really want to enjoy my baby while I can.I only want someone to do the nights so I can sleep and really make the most of the days.
Mind you-they are SO expensive  ^scared^
I have spoken to only one so far and she sounded far too bossy so the hunt continues.

KP-Funny what you should say about your bottle-my midwife a the hospital did exactly the same saying it was up to me to dispose of it.As I didn't fancy having it in my handbag all day (visions of a leak or pulling it out by accident) I out it in a bin at the station.

Andy-pigs trotters-well I hope they are cooked!

Ali-welcome. I used to worry about every twinge and pain-and as others have said,when you sneeze sometimes it is agony.Anyway,thanks to reassurance from here I now don't worry unless it is prolonged.When you think of everything which is going on "down there" it's amazing we don't feel more.

I love feeling the bean move-it is so reassuring when I am sitting at my pc.I also make time every morning and evening to lie with my hand on my tummy.

Ready4-I found kermit in my book too and felt the same way  ^roflmao^

Chux-10lbs 11oz  ^scared^

Have a lovely day girlies and hello to all I have missed


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Ali - DW has twinges even while sleeping (it keeps me awake! as I always worry it's something wrong).  Again she was told it the body changing.  Also DW now puts down feeling unwell to the fact about week 15-16 the baby should start really growing.  I can confirm she's looking a bit plumper...
Only issue is she is still the same weight, however she is losing fat and the likes off her legs.  Seems the baby is a free sliming aid in certain areas...  ;)

Thritysix - Maybe they just saw the umbilical at your nucal  ;D


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Morning all!
36 - Sounds like you've got some great trips lined up then!  I am sooooo jealous of you going to Oman - I love it there, been quite a few times, it's a beautiful country.  Where you going? sorry you're not getting much support from work and family. I am sure they will come round once they get used to the idea and bean comes first.

Chux - that M&S custard is sounding goooood.  Poor your friend - 10lb 11 - ouch!!!  That's almost the size of a foal!

Maternity nurses do sound tempting but it's the weeks after DH goes back to work I'm worried about - we don't have any family nearby and it'll just be me and the twins  ^eyes^

R4F - I am the same as you, often get tiny twinges after I've eaten but feels like it's my tummy digesting, but then it's really high up - too high for stomach OR babies, surely?  I am liking Kermit!  We have a few boys names shortlisted but only 1 girl's at the moment.

KP - can't believe the mw gave you back your wee!  ;D What did she think you'd do with it?!

Hello Ali - hope your twinges ease off.  Don't know what they could be but I guess there's a lot of stuff shifting around.

Andy - PIGS TROTTERS?  eeeeuuuurgh!  Mind you, I am really enjoying rollmops at the moment - DH can't stand them.  Not really had cravings but am really enjoying a lot of bland stuff like milk and potatoes.  And....um...sweets and chocolate.  Oh dear  :( no excuse for that one, just greed.  Hope your DW feels better soon.  I also had a rough patch between about 14 and 18 weeks but feel much better now.

BlueSue - good luck with your concerts, sounds like you've got loads!  I sing in a choir too - got 2 concerts this weekend.  I love doing the christmas stuff and hope my bubs can hear it.  I have been playing them some tunes on the piano too, but that may not be loud enough yet.

Kim - sorry you're not sleeping well - it can really drag you down.

Hello to the rest of you, sorry, toffee-for-brains can't remember everyone else's names too well.
xxx M

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Hi everyone,
Not been on for a while, so I hope you're all doing OK.

Annette, my midwife does the same with the sample bottles, I found it really strange so I asked her about it and she said it was because of the risk of infection  :-\ I was even told to wash my bottle and re-use it to save on the cost of bottles!!......NHS cutbacks  ;D

Janet, Congratulations on expecting a 90% girl! ^storkgirl^ I can't wait until my scan next week to find out what this little one is. I can't decide this time, although I'm going on the odds of having a boy after having twin girls last time. Whichever way, I will be so pleased just to get a either little miracle.

R4F, Hope you and "kermit" are doing OK. We've already decided on names although knowing my mind I expect I'll change it before the little one is born  ^confused^ I have a great book called 'Cool names for Babies' It has some really strange names in it but quite a few unusual but nice names.

Chux, You're right about the baby hearing things.  From 21 weeks the babys hearing is developed enough for it to recognise the sound of your voice and hear music.  Hope you are enjoying your custard!! Chips is my craving, I can't get enough of them.......not too good for my ever growing waistline though!  ^scales^

Ali,  ^wave^ Welcome to the 2nd Tri. I can only agree with what everyone else has said about the twinges.  They do seem pretty common and could be the ligaments and muscles stretching to allow room for the babies, you may feel it more, especially with the weight of two.

Andy, Hope your DW is feeling a bit better, it's only been the past few weeks where I've started to feel like I've actually reached the 'blooming & glowing' stage of pregnancy.  She is doing really well to still be at the same weight, although that could be due to her strange craving of pigs trotters! My waist has grown quite a few inches (my cravings have been chip shop chips and pizza) and I've now even cought up with hubby...........not a good sign!! ;D

Scoop, Sending you lots of luck for your house move, hope it all goes well and you enjoy Christmas in your new home.  ^afro^

mmmbop, Hope your scan goes well today.  ^goodluck^

Sarah, sorry to hear your family aren't being very supportive. Like you say, the most important things is that your little one is OK and that is all that matters from now on. Hope you are OK. Sounds like your trip to New York will be just what the doctor ordered.  Sending you lots of love ^hugme^

Manda, Hope your ear infection clears up soon. ^afro^

Morgan, Gillian, Jane, Kim, Maxbabe, SarahLou, BlueSoo, Kyra & everyone else(sorry to those I've missed!) Hope you are all doing well.

Not much news from me, still growing! Little one is moving around quite a lot now and mainly tends to be just as I'm dropping off to sleep at night time.....typical!
We have our next constultant appointment on Monday so we should find out then if he really is going to make me go in at 24 weeks!!  We should get another cervix scan done as well, so hopefully that will all be OK still.  Then it's the big day on 23rd for our detailed scan.  I'm looking forward to it so much, yet I'm a little bit nervous about it.  We refused the nuchal scan/triple tests so this will be the first time we will know if the little one is growing nice and healthy.

Sending everyone lots of love

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Morgan-hopefully off the the Chedi if I get round to booking it today-have you stayed there?
Never been to Oman-found Dubai a bit glitzy and a rather large building site to be honest-I just want a week of complete calm and relaxation before life changes and Oman seemed to fit the bill.

I am sure my family will come round-it is the first grandchild and all that,and they knew I wanted children but my step-mother has only called once in 9 weeks and my Dad is giving me grief over Xmas.They usually jet off somewhere warm and becasue they are here this year suddenly expect me to drop everything and play happy families ^tantrum^Well I just don't feel like it.Am going to go to Cornwall with friends for a proper "normal" family Xmas.

As for work well...they can make life very difficult and gossip is never pleasant but nothing can take away the fact that come April I will be a Mum.

Andy-am DEAD jealous of DW-I seem to be putting weight ON my thighs not losing it-which clinic offers slimming aid IUI babies?? ;D

Morgan-they are hellishly expensive but yo may just want to think about a maternity nurse.I plan to book mine two weeks after my due date.Firstly becasue I want some time with the baby on my own but secondly,when she does arrive I will be SO grateful for the sleep I won't worry about the money so much.I have no family nearby (well none that would help) and whist I do have loads of friends it will be nice to have someone to help establish a routine and allow me to sleep.

All this talk of custard has me thinking now....haven't had banana custard for years ^idea^

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Hi all

KP- My midwife gave me back my wee bottle as well. I think she is expecting you to use it again (after you clean it out of course).

Andy- I was extremely sick until about 18 wks, and it has just come back!
Cant bear to eat n e thing healthy but when I eat something fatty get horrendous heartburn! Not good for the weight side either. Cant believe your DW has not put on n e weight. Ihave already put on 1 and a half stone! Everyones different I suppose.

Bluesoo- Bet the baby loves your singing! I keep meaning to talk/sing to baby. But I reckon baby hasnt heard much except a load of swearing! Am a complete cow to DP at the moment.

Kim- Hope you start sleeping soon. I am not sleeping much at the moment, but thats because I am a lazy cow. Am not working as I left job to start tx. No maternity leave for me! Cant even be bothered to clean house. Its a total tip. DP has given up on me at the moment.

R4F- I dont know what goes on high up, but my tummy from my boobs is massive already, and rock hard. I suppose everything must shift up!

Thirtysix- Hope everyone is not giving you too much of a hard time.

Sally L - My cravings are for rubbish too! Did you mean you r the same weight as hubby now, coz I am!

Hi to Morgan,Chux,Ali,dkimk,jdrobinson,scoop,mand,gillian,linda,janis18,mmmbop and anyone else I have missed!

1 good thing about not working and generally being a lazy woman is that I am always feeling the baby kicking and punching, as they go to sleep if you r moving around. So my advice is veg out and you will soon feel baby!

Love to all



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Hi there,

Just wanted to send a message to thirty six in particular about my situation - although my dh and I had our first baby together the marriage didnt last for long...anyway he is around and we decided to go for a sibling...
which worked obviously....however because we aren't the "norm" I have had a few comments - my mum in particular...she is in OZ and dh's family aren't here either so I have no family for support.
Most people have been fine...what they say behind my back I DONT CARE ABOUT - they dont see my beautiful daughter they dont pay my bills....anyway I know a lot of couples that stay together for the kids - and are so unhappy...its all about image!!! What a load of rubbish....my daughter is loved and liked by many I am sure this baby will be too....

So GO FOR IT and live your life and be the best you can...being a mum is a special special thing......and we are very very lucky!

love to you and bump

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Maxbabe and Thirty Six
Good Luck to you both - your children will be (and are) extremely lucky to have such loving Mummies as you, who have gone through so much to get them

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Hello all,

Jac, So nice of you  ^hugme^ I'm doing well. We still have no pc at home, which is awful, I'm really missing it and it's horrible not being able to get on here as often as I would like.  I can only log on when I'm at work, so it's really quick....and when no-one's looking!! ;D
Hope you and all your family are OK, sending lots of love to you all xxxxxx

Zoe, I'm not the same weight as hubby........not yet anyway!! ^roflmao^ We just have the same waist measurement which I'm sure will change very soon, I just can't seem to stop eating!

Maxbabe, very nicely said.  ^afro^

love and hugs

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Another busy night!

Sally, I'm sneaking in a post at work too so I know how you feel about watching behind your shoulder so no one is looking.

maxbabe and ThirtySix, I'm with Janis.  It's wonderful that you're both creating your own family in the way that's best for everyone.  Good for you.

ThirtySix, I'm jeolous about your NY trip.  I love that place!  Shopping is great.  Are you seeing any plays?  I could spend all my time in the theatre.

Zoe, yes I'm sure that there's tons of shifiting of all organs as bubs gets bigger.  Our nurse gave an analogy of the baby moving from a 3 bedroom to a 2 bedroom apt.  Thought that was a great way to put it. 

Sally, I'm with you about chaning your mind on a name (although dh is already pretty set on a name and doesn't want to continue looking...he's a typical guy though).  Our book has names from every culture so like yours, there are really different ones (including Kermit..ha ha).

morgan, that's fun that you get to pick boys and girls names.  Since we know it's a boy, I'm conentrating on only one. 

chux, I like your "hired by hubs" analogy.  It's gonna be a change relying on dh for money (I have some saved up, but not sure how much will go towards the baby). 

A question for everyone.  A lot of you are talking about feeling the baby.  When you first felt him/her, how would you describe it?  WHen driviing into work today, I could have sworn that I felt "my food digesting" again, but all I had was an apple.  Trying to figure out if it's my noisy tummy or the little one.


Hi Girls

Just a quickie from me, hope you're all healthy.  We had a nasty scare at the beginning of the week, I popped to the loo on Monday monring at work and had bled a bit, so rang dh (who luckily has this week off work) went to docs who was pretty useless and just told me to go to bed.  Booked in at Early Pregnancy Unit at hossie for Tuesday at 1pm, anyway spent 2 hours there yesterday and thankfully peanuts heartbeat was nice and strong.

I've got a really rotten cold so I've decided not to go back to work until next Monday - they've been very supportive.  I'm going to miss a Xmas do on Friday I've already paid for and bought an outfit for but I really don't care.  Puts things into perspective really.

Anyhow I'm sneezing away and laying on the sofa watching daytime telly - must be sick ;D

Thank goodness everything is ok!!!

On a lighter note on the clothes front I've finally got some maternity jeans from Dorothy Perkins which are ace and guess where I've bought a really nice dress and floaty top for Xmas (not maternity but just the job)?? ASDA of all places, they're really nice and cheap so take a look.  I've also bought some pretty flotay hippy type tops off ebay.

Are you ready for Xmas, I'm totally not but as I said my priority is looking about our baby so, hey ho!!


Sarah Lou xxx

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Sally - I overtook DH in weight a long time ago. sigh. Haven't been less than him since I lost a stone before our wedding. But then he is an annoyingly tall but slim bloke - if we have girls, I hope they get his figure and not my prone-to-plumpness! ;D

SarahLou - hope your cold gets better soon and sorry about your scare.

Anyone else getting really breahtless? I know I just finished lunch but it's 10 minutes since I came back up the 2 flights of stairs to my office and I'm still out of puff and heart racing.

Just did the boy/girl quiz again at http://www.childbirth.org/articles/boyorgirl.html and it's favouring boys this time - eeek! Well, I really don't mind which but am still wondering whether to find out or not tomorrow......DH wants to and I have absolutely no willpower so we probably will. ::)

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Maxbabe  ^hugme^Thank you.

Thanks also to Janis,Ready4,Sally L etc.

I went into this with my eyes wide open and have planned (as much as infertility would let me)and planned for this.I have tried to think of everything possible to ensure my child has a wonderful life and Max-you are right-I don't give a  ^monkey^ what people say behind my back.

Rant over.

Just been to Tesco and bought a cooked chicken-have been fighting with the three cats to see who can eat the most the quickest!Preceeded the chicken with a blueberry muffin and am now planning what's for supper.

Have a banging headache and a nasty cold so I reckon I am allowed to eat what I want...

Morgan-if it is any consolation I do get breathless-I don't even have to have walked upstairs for it to happen-I can just be sat on the sofa!

SarahLou-glad the scare was only just that-horrible though it must have been.

Ready4-haven't booked anything at the theatre for NY but know I will.I really can't wait-4 days with my best mate in a wonderful city with no work to worry about. Oh and maybe a tiny bit of shopping... ^roflmao^
As for feeling the baby move-I did think that it was "gas" the first few times.I have real trouble with my insides so am used to rumblings,gurglings and such.I felt it very,very low down and was a bit like a bubble bursting.In the early stages I could only really feel it when lying totally flat with my hand on my stomach.Good luck with finding "Kermit".

SallyL-Fingers crossed they don't take you in at 24 weeks and scan will show all is fine. ;)

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R4F- I wouldnt say its like indigestion but more like trapped wind when you first feel baby. Hard to explain but also as if everything is tightening, and also sometimes ( not always ) as if you are going over a hump back bridge.

Dont worry the wondering doesnt last long as it happens so often u will know. Then as the baby is moving past your waistline you feel it by your belly button which is a weird feeling, mind you I am really funny about my belly buttom,specially since my lap. I dont know what I will do if/when belly button pops out. euuuuuuugggggggghhhhh.

SallyL- God I feel fat now!

Hi to all.


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