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Just a quick hello and a brief outline of the journey that led me here.

I had a rather dramatic pregnancy loss at almost 20 weeks in 2004.
Following 3 emergency ambulance trips to hospital in less than 2 weeks, they (the hospital) finally decided to do an u/s rather than telling me "pregnant women get pains, deal with it"). The u/s showed fluid in my abdomen and it was decided I needed a laparascopy to see what the fluid was.
I woke up in ICU to be told that I'd had a hyst. Devastated.
27 days later I had AF. Was told that it must be a little bit of endo tissue left in my cervix. After examination I was told that I was imagining the bleeding. 9 regular (as in same as pre-pregnancy) AFs later they (the hospital) decided to humour me with my first post surgury u/s only to discover I still had my uterus. The surgeon had the gall to write to me and say that "it may be the cause of my continued menstrual cycles" - um ya think eh?

The one fertility consultant that I've seen since (who turned me away after inital consultation due to my weight) suggested that my pregnancy had actually been a "cornual pregnancy" and that the surgeon had removed just part of the uterus along with the good healthy tube on that side.

A HyCoSy revealed that the uterus that I have remaining is "of a good size" but that the one remaining tube didn't show any "spillage" and that it may be blocked or it may have been in spasm.

Over the last 3 years my AF have gotten very irregular. I'll have several "normal AF" then the next will be delayed for some time, follwed by prolonged bleeding. The only treatment I'm being offered is to take Norethisterone to stop the bleeding, which is then usually followed by several regular cycles before the situation repeats.

I'm terrified of going into early menopause. I'd always been very regular, knew exactly when I was ovulating and could pin point the onset of Af to within 6 hours. Now, I'm fairly sure I'm not ovulating regular, hence the irregular AF. Unfortunately my doctor will only prescribe the Norethisterone which doesn't seem to address the root problem, just temporarily deals with the symptom. I asked about something to regulate ovulation instead but was told there wasn't anything.
I'm not too happy about taking Norethisterone, after all POP prevent pregnancy in the first place, so what's to stop Norethisterone from preventing pregnancy too. The last thing I want to be doing is preventing!
I had blood tests for LH, FSH and umm some other stuff I can't remember now and was given the really informative answer that the tests were all within normal parameters and that the problem must be my weight and that nothing else would or could be done unless I managed to bring my BMI under 28.

So much for being brief  :O

So here I am 6 years on, just turned 32 years old, still not pregnant, still not knowing if it can happen naturally or if I'm going to need fertility assistance and still not getting anywhere with the medical professionals.
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