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Hi Michelli
It may or may not be a comfort to you to know that you're not on your own. I started down reging for a second full cycle on the 5th August. Should hopefully start stims on Monday and I feel very much the same.  That said it went sooo well last time and it didn't work - why does it matter if it goes well? I don't have any real tips although I have heard that acupuncture is good so I am giving that a go and that pineapple aids implantation so I am gonna try that. I really am starting to feel that mostly it is down to luck though. So good luck!
One thing that may help is this site - I am finding it useful, not having used it last time but coming to it through a friend's recommendation.  I have started a couple of strings - one on this bit of the site - called Starting second cycle of IVF/ICSI and one on the Cycle Buddies for Aug/Sept - called Starting second IVF/ICSI attempt and feeling a bit nervous. Please feel free to join in. There is a general cycle buddies bit as well but I felt that I couldn't catch up with that.
Take Care
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