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Everyone is different i was one of the lucky one's 2nd time worked for me, and i didnt do anything different.  I did wait 2 yrs b4 starting my second attempt though.  b4 and during my treatment i went to the gym 3 times a week and ate healthy like i always do (not so much now im pregnant!!  :eek:  )  I did do reflexology like i did last time and i found that's the only thing that relaxed me.  1st time around during the 2ww (but since people have adviced not during the 2ww whether its an old wives tale i dont know ^idiot^ ) 2nd time around i had reflexology during my treatment but not during 2ww.  I did try and relax more but found it harder as i knew what was coming.  One thing i didnt do during my treatment and during the 2ww was take folic acid tablets as i didnt think it would work and wish i had but soon as i found out i was pregnant i did.  It just in the back on my mind that i wish i did do.  I worked part time during my 2ww this time around thats the only thing i did different as first time around i did work full time.

All the best

Let me know how things progress

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