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Hi All

Quick re-cap for anyone who doesn't know me from the 'Anyone using D/S...' thread:
DH - Azoospermia, diagnosed June '04, unsuccessful biopsy Dec '04, just found out he's got Klinefelter's Syndrome.
Recently had our 'top of the list appt' with consultant, and were led to believe that we would be able to start treatment (DIUI) 'straight away'. However, after speaking to the fertility nurses, we've been told to phone back in 3 months time when they may be able to give us some idea of when we might be able to start.

Sooo - dilemma, do we:

a) wait to start sometime (who know's when) in the not so near future, and take advantage of NHS funding which we know we are lucky to get (although we've no idea how many funded cycles we would get)


b) take the plunge and pay for private treatment and start (presumably) straight away? We could afford maybe £2,000 for treatment which would give us about 5 cycles.

What would you do??

Haven't brought the subject up again with DH yet - we found this out the day before we went on holiday and he said that he just wanted to enjoy the hol without talking about this at all, and neither of us has mentioned it since. Am fed up of always being the one to initiate conversations about this, but am hoping that this is just a man thing and not something I should be overly worried about?? Should I leave it a while longer before speaking to him?

One other thing - we have a price list from the clinic (we could use the same one as they do Private & NHS), and it says that the initial cost (around £450) is for 2 x consultations plus a counselling session. As we've already had numerous consultations, and the cons has referred us for DIUI anyway, would we need to pay for this, or do you think we would be able to skip that bit and go straight to treatment.

I know that I could probably find out the answers to these questions by phoning the nurse, but to be honest she wasn't over-helpful the last time, and it's not that easy to phone at work (already scared my colleagues by sitting in the meeting room blubbing last week!!)

Sorry, I've babbled on a bit here, hope it makes at least some sense.
Thanks for reading

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Hi Wolla,

We waisted too much time on the NHS, my partner was diagnosed Azoospermia 3 years ago and that's when our roller coasted first started.

I had some weight to loose and have managed to loose 5 stone, it was 6 put over the last 5 months I've put a stone back on whilst we've been having natural cycle donor IUI on the NHS, we had to wait 3 years for this as my consultant wouldn't treat me until I reached a target weight, on reflection we should have at that point just gone private but I was a bit dim on that front and thought the NHS was the only way for us as like most people on here we're not loaded and we will have to re-mortgage to fund the private treatment, but I have since found out the NHS hospital I go to has the poorest results in the north west.

On the NHS we got 5 natural DIUI as I was ovulating followed by 3 DIVF which I presume I will have to go back on a waiting list for so we are in the throws of making an appointment at Care so that if thats the case and the waiting list is 18 months long I can either have stimulated DIUI or DIVF depending on what the consultant says.

SO that's where were up to, If I was you I'd just wait and see what the NHS can offer you, give them another couple of months, you've waited this long and then if they aren't performing make a private appointment, either that or make your private appointment now and then if the nhs come up trumps you can cancel the private appointment at no cost.

I know exactly what you mean about the not wanting to talk about it thing, the only time my partner will discuss it is when we're going for the treatment, other than that he won't talk to me about it, he just says you know exactly what my thoughts are on the situation, he wants a family just as much as I do and I know that but sometimes you just want to go over the same ground again and he'll just say you know exactly what I think so don't start again!  Sometimes it is so frustrating, if you can't talk to them who can you bl**dy talk to, especially if like us you haven't really told anybody the full story.

Anyway good luck in what ever you decide but  just keep your options open both with the NHS and private, ie my hospital on IVF has a 13% success rate and Care have a 30% success rate, I know which one I'd rather go with.

All the best,


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Thanks Jules

Tried to talk to DH last night, but he just sighed, got up, walked off and sat in another room with a bottle of red.

My preference really is to go private (it would be at the same hospital as they do NHS & Private treatment) - set ourselves a limit of how many cycles we would go through, and just get on with it - I think our clinic is relatively cheap compared to what others are paying (£340 for a natural cycle of DIUI).

Anyway, I guess I'll just have to wait until DH is ready to discuss it.

Good luck with your next treatment.

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