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Hi everyone!

I wondered if anyone could help with one of my worries if anyone else has been in the same situation??

Myself and DH have had a private cycle at Manchester Care. The reason being was that we did not think we would qualify for NHS due to me having a DD from a previous marriage - but turns out we do and we are in the process at St Marys.

DH never thought he could have children being told in approx 2000 there was no sperm and nothing they could do. Manchester care confirmed no sperm but on investigation they found he has an absent vas deferens all hormones etc were normal and they suggested SSR. We went for it and it was more than a success with six straws for IVF with ICSI frozen.

Our first cycle sadly ended in a miscarriage but we are about to get on the rollercoaster again

My questions are - our pink forms asked us to get our notes from any previous cycles to take with us at our consultation appoinent. But i am concerned that by that time decision about your treatment are already made and am unsure if they would then take them into account?

I am also worried that they are asking DH to do another sperm analysis and that they would make him go for SSR again Which i hear has a long waiting list??

Has anyone else been in a similar cirumstance?? What were your experiences of getting previous notes to st marys and/or transferring frozen sperm to them?

Apologies for any spelling mistakes i am typing this from my phone!! And thanks in advance for any replies!!

Sadie xxx
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