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hi Shelley and Louise,

I totally understand where you are both coming from as exactly the same thing happened to us. I had 9 iui's which all failed, then read on here about varicoceles and wondered if my partner might have one as he has a big varicous vien at the top of his leg. Our gp was totally dismissive and said there is no evidence that an op would improve things. My consultant couldn't wait to send me off to an ivf clinic and said I will refer your dp but I doubt if there is anything that can be done. This still enrages me when I think of it - are they trying to help us or score points off other departments?
Anyway, after waiting 6 months for a referal, yes there was something that could be done, and 10 weeks later he had the embolisation procedure.
Here comes the positive bit..... Three weeks later we found out I am pregnant!

So really push for this op girls, we are proof that it does affect fertility, and dp's consultant said varicoceles could also be storing up all sorts of trouble for the future - stagnant blood pooling around the kidneys or something, lovely. I don't understand why we have to push so hard to get the other half of the team even looked at.

Also, we both took Marilyn Glenville vits, and everything else she reccomends. Also, dp took Saw Palmetto which is for enlarged prostate , as a chinese herbalist told him he had this, I wonder if that goes along with a varicocele? Also Q10, pycnogenol, and other stuff. If you look at the section on here on page 2 'how can we improve sperm count' it is all listed on there. I cannot recall it all now.

I think under the other dicussion on varicoceles on this board a lady from Canada posted a really positive story too, I will try to find it and let you know.

It took us 2 years to get to this point and I was tearing my hair out as I am 40 now and could hear that bloody clock ticking! So don't give up, keep positive and good luck to you both,

Allison xx

Now 12 weeks pregnant, and still can't believe it!
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