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Toby was due on 18th March 2004 and I remember how excited I was waking up at 6am on the 15th March with what was obviously a show.

I rang my Mum straight away!!!!

That day passed very slowly as I waited for contractions to start, which they eventually did around 6pm.  They were just like mild period pains about every 20 minutes, enought to notice them, but not bad enough to need to do anything except rest, read etc.

Dh and I went to bed and I did sleep although in fits & starts, as the contractions (still very mild) continued.

The next morning DH and I discussed whether he should go into work - I felt I wanted him to be around so he stayed at home and pottered, I continued resting, reading etc and every so often checked the timing of the contractions which were still very mild and annoyingly still a good 20 mins apart!!

At around 2pm the contractions started to get closer together, but they were very erratic.  Having been told not to ring the hospital until they were 5 minutes apart, dh and I started making a chart (I still have it!!!).  By 3.30pm some of them were 2 mins apart so I rang the hospital, but they were a bit noncommital.

They suggested I come in if I wanted but to be prepared to come home again, or wait a while longer.

By 4pm I was feeling like I needed to get to the hospital, the contractions were becoming quite painful and more of them were 2-3 mins apart.

So off we went, it was about 15 mins drive, seemed to last a lifetime!  By the time we got in the car the contractions were really strong and painful, I definitely knew we had made the right decision to go!

When we arrived we were directed to a triage room where I was to be assessed.  Rather dismayed to hear the receptionist ringing round midwives as I waited, as they were extremely short staffed and she was trying to get extras in!

Whilst in the triage room waiting to get up on the bed to be monitored & examined, my wates broke, all over my trousers, since I hadn;t got undressed / changed. 

Once on the bed the nurse took a quick look and hastily found a midwife as I was already 6cm dilated, so they took me & dh along to a delivery suite.

I remember the MW asking me whether I had considered pain releif options, but by this time I could hardly speak, the contractions were so strong!

I got up on the bed in the delivery suite because the contractions were now too strong for me to be standing, and the MW offered me some gas & air.  Once up on the bed, after about 45 mins I started to feel like I needed to do a really big poo (sorry tmi!!!) and I told the MW.  She took a look and said, right, I think it's time to start pushing!  I was fully dilated.  All I can remember thinking is, what about my CD's and books and pack of cards, are you really telling me my baby is on it's way?????!!!!!

So, push I did, for about 1.5 hours, never letting go of the gas & air tube once!!

But something was wrong, the MW wasn't happy, Toby was not progressing down the birth canal and he was not recovering well after each contraction.  She called the Dr in and they started mentioning ventouse which scared the living daylights out of me, as I really didn;t want to have an assisted delivery.

The Dr started to get the equipment out (I had my eyes tightly clamped shut all the time!!) and by this time I was so tired I thought maybe I did need some help after all.

Then with a stroke of luck, the MW was due for a shift change, and a new midwife came in.  The previous MW promised to stay with us as well since we were so close to delivery, so I suddenly had 2 midwives, 1 trainee and 1 Dr at my feet!  The new MW was an absolute diamond.  She was so determined for me to push Toby out myself, she hitched my legs up over her shoulders and told me to push against her.  This seemed to be what I needed and all of a sudden, they told me the head was crowning and he was on his way!!

I was so out of it by this point I barely registered them telling me the cord was around his shoulder, but they managed to unloop it and out he slid.

No wonder he wouldn't come out, he had been bungy jumping up and down with the cord in the way for the best part of 2 hours.

He was delivered onto my tummy at 9.46 pm on 16th March 2004, weighing 8lbs 7oz - it was the most amazing moment of my life.

Vicky x


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That's definately one of the better birth stories I have read.  Your last sentence bought me to tears.

Niki x
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