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Hello there,

I have secondary infertility issues with 3 (natural conception) miscarriages and a failed FET in the last year.  I was finally referred to a consultant who has diagnosed Antiphospholipid Syndrome and I am also positive for the hetrozygous C677T mutation gene.

All other tests were normal except anticardiolipin antibodies which were IgG 10.1 and IgM 5.1.

Chromosomes normal 46XX, Thyroid antibodies negative,, Rheumatoid factor negative, Thyroid function test normal with  T4 13.3, TSH 2.22, fasting homocystein 5.5, Thrombophilia screen normal with APCR 1.36, AT3 100%, protein C 110%, protein S 103%, INR 1.0, APTT 1.0.  FSH 8.4, oestradiol 152.

I was minded to do Chicago tests before I got these results but the consultant appears confident that with treatment I can achieve a successful preganancy.

He has prescribed 5mg Folic acid daily and then as soon as I have a positive pregnancy test, 150 mg aspirin daily, Dalteparin (low molecular weight Heparin?) 5,000 IU daily and HCG 5000 twice weekly to support the pregnancy.

My question is, should I still be taking the regular pregnancy multivits that along with all the other good stuff also contain 400mcg of Folic acid?  I'm kicking myself for not asking the cons at the time.  Any other vitamins?

Any other advice gratefully received...

PS.  I conceived via IVF following unexplained infertility in Nov 07, Jessica arrived Aug 08 and is a happy and healthy wee thing.  Alll the m/c and failed implantation have happened since Nov 09.  I'm 38 yrs old.

Thanks for taking the time to read this,

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