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I’m on CD39 of a cycle where stims were cancelled on CD4. I tracked this month as I was told we could still try naturally and then go on birth control with my next bleed to prevent lead follicles. My cycles are usually 28-32 days with a luteal phase of 14 days.

I emailed the clinic on Sunday asking if I can induce my period as based on temps it should have arrived over a week ago. They said to wait another week. Am I being impatient if I email them again today with it being a bank holiday this weekend? What would you do? I know to induce a bleed I need to be on tablets for a while and I’m starting to worry about this next cycle clashing with events (third cycle - haven’t even got to egg collection yet)

I’m worried that what they thought were lead follicles were actually cysts from my previous cycle, as they said my estrogen was high on day 3 but didn’t actually match what follicles I had. I know people have longer cycles than this but this isn’t the norm for me. I was an emotional wreck last week, but apart from this no signs of my period coming.
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