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Hi, hope you can offer some advice.

Our twins are 5 months.  Finlay dropped the night feed some time ago and Jasmine dropped hers about a week or so ago.  Since then, she wakes frequently from going down at 6.30pm until the dream feed at 10pm.  All she needs is her dummy and comfort blanket and she falls back to sleep almost immediately.

The problem is that we are up and down seeing to her between 6 and 10 times in the evening until the dream feed and then from around 3am until getting up at around 7am - this period is less frequent, but can be upto around 6 times.

Last night, she wouldn't settle, so I thought she may be hungry and offered her a bottle, which she point blankly refused.  In the end, I had to give in and let her in our bed as a last resort.

How can I break the habit of having to go to her everytime she loses her dummy or comfort blanket?  I don't want to leave her crying too long in case Finlay wakes up (which he has been when she's been left to cry in the hope of settling back down).

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Alison
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