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Hi Girls

Well, after picking myself up after the pullava with my gynae I have today been dealt another blow.

My GP's secretary rang me today to clarify something I said at my last appointment.  We were chatting about how I was on the IUI waiting list and that I should be put on the IVF waiting list now in case the Clomid doesnt work.  Anyway, I get a call today telling me that there is NO IUI waiting list, in fact, my PCT dont even offer IUI  ^idiot^  My GP very annoyed about the confusion as she knows how difficult this is.  I was told at my consultation in March 2004 that due to my age I was being added to the IUI list but after checking with my gynae's secretary (who didnt even know what IUI was  ::) ) it turns out that no such list exists.

Thankfully my GPs secretary finally managed to get hold of the funding criteria for IVF.  OMG so many rules - if you drink, smoke, either of you have a child etc etc you dont get it!  Thankfully I fit the criteria (even after checking for a BMI rule which there isnt one - phew!).  I am being referred to the consultant that co-ordinates all the IVF referrals but it would seem that the waiting list is anywhere from 3 - 4 years.  Since my PCT dont offer treatment after age 40 that will be cutting it very fine for me  :(  and private treatment is out of the question.

DH has gone out on his special policing duties so I am on my own tonight and its just running over and over in my mind.  Could really use some support right now  :'(


Witchie Poo Cat

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