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Not sure where to post this Question..but here goes..

I Have just had my second BFN, first with immune drugs. My consultant is George at Care Notts..

I was prescribed Pred's, Clexane, asprin,

I had Level 1 and 2 tests done, and they showed:

50:1 .....16.6 - raised
CD3 .... 89.5 raised
CD19+cells CD5+ low at 2.8...range was 5 to 10.

Anyway, sorry if I'm being dim, but what is Humira, LIT, and IVIG?.. do you think that next time I will need them?


Hiya - the immune world is mind boggling! So sorry to hear of your BFN...I hope you can get some answers soon...whay not ask Dr George about these questions so you can eliminate them!

Simply put...
Humira is for raised TNFs (don't even begin to try to understand them!)
IVIg is an infused blood product often used in raised NK cell activity and also in DQ Alpha matches
LIT is where you are infused with your partners blood if you share a DQ Alpha match - hardly done in the UK - mixed views on it's worth (IVIG considered OK here by many)

Good luck


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Oh Hickson

I'm so sorry to read about the BFN  ^hugme^

Take care

Emma xx
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