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Hiya ladies

Not really been on here for a while but here goes... going back about 9 weeks ago now, I had a very faint pos test. Because it was so faint, and the fact that I have had miscarriages before (and they were all a result of a faint positive) I decided to leave it a week, and then test again. Well I managed to go 12 days before testing, and thought that as I hadn't started to have a period, it was a definate yes, but NO. It was negative. So I done another the day after, negative again. So I left it another 2 weeks to start my period and nothing, apart from being very tired, a bit moody and a stomach that is getting bigger!, I went to my GP. She had a feel of my tum and said that she couldn't feel anything bad, and that I needed to take peppermint capsules to make my af appear? She told me to come back in a week if nothing. Well I didn't think this was right but took them for a week. My stomach is now huge, its not trapped wind and doesn't feel bloated at all, its just big, and I do look pregnant! (have recently lost a stone with weight watchers so its not over eating lol). I went back to my GP today as still no af, still no positive preg test (done another yesterday morning). She told me to forget the positive test and go back on Metformin, as its just PCOS symptoms and by not taking it, I am not helping myself.

When I went to her a week ago, she said that if af had not arrived in a week she will send me for a scan, but today she has changed her tune. I have not started the met again yet, as it makes me feel awful. I'm not quite sure what to do!

I feel like I need to have a period, like I need a clean out, do you know what I mean? Not quite sure what to think, and feel like rubbish about the entire episode :eek:(

Any advice? My GP is the only one at the surgery, so its not like I can ask for a second opinion.

Thanks in advance ladies

Dawn xxx

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Hello Dawn

^hugme^. I know that awful feeling - bloating and feeling like it somehow needs a 'clear out'.

Its difficult because I would have said try for a second opinion too about the scan - to put your mind at rest.

I'm so sorry and hope you feel better soon

Emma x
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