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Hi Girls Cd16 for me today.

My first month on Clomid i ov'd CD17 second month CD14 (was on holiday)

This month so far no fertile cm or +opk weird or what!

Last thursday CD12 i had an internal scan and the consultant said that i had no dominant follicles

Does this mean that i wont ovulate this month or could it just be running  abit late?

Any ideas, has anyone elses ov peed them about too?

love and dust


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Hiya Sam,

Clomid can do wierd things to our cycles,Since upping my clomid to 100 mg OV happened roughly between days 14 - 20. On my very last clomid cycle OV happened on day ..................................... 34  ;D ;D Why on earth it suddenly didn't work on my last cycle I have no idea.

This is my first cycle since stopping clomid and I ov'd on my own on day 26. (typically DH was away and came back on cd 27  :mad: ^bigbad^ )

I hope OV isnt too far round the corner for you Hun ;)
Good luck
Nicky x x x
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