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Hello there
Know this sounds like a stupid question but thought I'd ask anyway, have posted on the clomid board but due to ongoing situation thought I'd double check here.
I'm waiting to start clomid (took for 3 months, then had hospital appt and have been prescribed again for 3months). I am on day 33 but I have had spotting since day 27 every other day. I am supposed to take clomid on day 2 of period but have been waiting for a proper bleed. Am wondering if I should in fact have started as soon as I saw the first drop of blood as this was my day 1.
I am in between GPs at moment and not sure if I can contact the hospital consultant.
Any advice welcome!!! Just want to make sure I am not mucking up my chances by not taking medicine properly.

Thanks and sorry for the long post!!!!!

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