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just have a little question .....

i have a 36 day cycle.  i was due to test on thursday.  5 days leading up to test day i had a slight pinky colour when i wiped which i have never experienced before.  it was only when i wiped and was there on and off for 5 days.

i tested the evening before test day and it was negative.

on thursday evening -test day it got slighty more heavy so i didnt re-test as i thought it was my AF and on friday it was like a normal period.

woke up on saturday and it has gone. i cant understand where it has gone as my AF is normally 3 -4 days of heavy bleeding???

just cant work out what is happening?!



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I've found that CLomid messes with my af. This month its really heavy, whereas last month it was very light. If af doesn't arrive properly, wait a few days and retest.

Good luck

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