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Hi ladies,
I'm very much after some advice please, as I know some of you are much more up on all this immunes stuff than me:

Having had two failed cycles at ARGC (one fresh and one frozen) dh and I are looking at the options.
I was diagnosed with immune issues at ARGC at have had the full Chicago tests both times. The level they are concerned about are my CD19+, CD5+ cells which have ranged from 20-44 (and needs to be under 10). CD 3 is also slightly raised.
Both times I was recommended IVIG - but decided to go with just steroids (first 1mg dex and then 20mg pred). I've also been tested for TNF and INF (Cytokines) which have also come back as normal.

I took my results to the Lister who seemed pretty unconcerned about the above levels saying that the B and T cells (as they call them) are not indicators of pregnancy failure. Basically their marker is completely different (more based on CD 56 I think which in my case is normal as well as the cytotoxcity tests which in my case indicates that steroids would work better than IVIG (very similar to Dr. *******, who I have also seen).

They have recommended a cycle without any immune tx as they don't believe I have immune issues. Although they have agreed to let me have dex if I want.(Dr. Thum who I saw deals with immune issues and has used IVIG but only with patients with repeated IVF failures or miscarriages).

I'm very confused, as you can imagine, and really don't know what to do.

I have also had the following tests done through GP (suggested by Dr. *******) which have all come back as normal:
Facto V Leiden
Lupus antico.
Protein C
Thrombophilia screening
Clotting screening
TSH level
autoantib. screening
Thyroid antib.
Protein S
(sorry not listed them all properly out comparing Daisy's list to my results pretty much most of the ones on there listed under insulin resistance and thrombophilia panel) as well as NK tests).

So, where do I go from here, am very confused...ARGC seemed very hung on my raised NK cells, andnow I'm being told I don't even have immune issues  ^idiot^
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