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Ok My name is Jen and im starting my FIRST cycle of NHS IVF at ninewells in dundee.

Im scared.

My story: I have had PCOS since i was 17.. the doctors called me the late bloomer and then finally gave me a proper title.. PCOS. I have been trying to get pregnant since I was 21 I am now 27. I went to a naturopath to help with the weight issue (pcos sucks for weight gain) She REALLY helped me with things did a bunch of tests that allowed me to see what was really wrong with me.

After being on the waiting list I finally got that letter.

I have been on the nasal spray for a week now.. having the WORST period of my life. and have my baseline scan on June 2nd.

Now im looking for tips... Suggestions I mean im overweight and I have been loosing but i know im still overweight my weight is PURELY from the PCOS and the fact i realized even eating salad everyday puts the pounds on.

So i founda lifestyle that suites me.. and its working.. But ill still be overweight for my treatment

Im scared its not going to work im scared theres something i COULD be doing that im not.

Any suggestions and comments are welcome!

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Hi there Jen :)

Welcome to Fertility Friends :) So glad you found us :)

There is an active chat thread running called Scottish Girls which may be of help to you. Here's the link to the latest thread:


There was also a chat thread for Ninewells but it hasn't been posted on for a long time. Here's the link. It might get it active again if you post there ;)


There is also a Cycle Buddies area on the site. It's for anyone undergoing or about to undergo treatment. A great place to help each other through the good times and the bad that are fertility treatment ;) Here's the link to the latest thread:


There is also a board for PCOS sufferers that may be of help.


Good luck ^reiki^ ^reiki^

Rachel x

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Dear Jen , do hope you are doing well . There is sooo much you can do to support yourself , and most importantly you are not alone ! Sites like this are wonderful , reading books or magazines with similar stories can be really helpful too , I LOVE Pathways to pregnancy magazine which is very user friendly . I personally found acupuncture and good nutrition to be of great benefit . I am now a life coach who works with people who are going through infertility , having gone through 6 years myself ( now with two IVF children . ) one of the key things I say to clients is to be as kind to yourself as possible , this is a huge battle but certainly one worth fighting for .Best wishes to you
Anya Sizer


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