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This thread contains the details of those who regularly post on the named thread. If you wish for your name to be added or details amended please send the ICSI Moderator a IM and your details will be added.

Having ICSI in 2005

Country Girl
3 attempts at Birmingham Priory resulted in 1 early miscarriage and two negatives.
Moved to ARGC and got a positive first time. TWINS! Due 10/01/06. Mr T is my hero!

Humira since Oct 2004 , ICSI (sp) Jan/Feb 05 with IVIG - BFN

Me 36, dh 40, trying for a baby 9 years.
First ICSI March this year. EC 23/03/05 ET 28/03/04.
Location: Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire.

Me 32, DH 34, TTC 5 years
1st ICSI (NHS) Aug 04 - Negative result
2nd ICSI (ARGC) Nov 04 - BFP! yipeee EDD 31/07/05

BFP! One bubba! EDD 9/8/05

Having cycle monitored for ICSI treatment

Awating further immunology blood tests to be done.

TTC for 5 years
2 IVF at Guys - 1st +ve - daughter 20 months
2nd -ve.
1st cycle at ARGC - In 2WW with 2 embies on board.

34, DH 39
First appointment March 2006

I'm 26 and DH is 27.? We've been ttc for 2 years and have done 6 months on clomid had a lap and dye.? Had 1 course of IUI and 1 course of IVF/ICSI at Liverpool womens hospital as we were living up north temporarily.? We moved to Surrey in Autumn last year and started with the ARGC.? Up until then I had been told I had unexplained infertility but had a slightly high FSH level of 9.4.? Since having had tests with the ARGC I've found out my FSH has gone up to 11.4 and I have killer blood cells. At the moment I'm just waiting for my FSH level to drop.

Jane Anne
I am 32, 3+ years trying, 6 months clomid 01/05, ICSI 11/05 BFN.
Hopefully starting next ICSI treatment at the ARGC Jan/Feb 06 - waiting for 1st appointment to come through...

Married since Sep 96. Me 36, DH 38. TTC 4 yrs 9 months until our BFP
July 2002 IVF - Bridge Centre - no embies, all failed to fertilise
May 2003 - ICSI @ ARGC - low +ve, turned to -ve shortly after
Sep 2004 - ICSI @ ARGC (with IVIG/Steroids) - BFP - Twins EDD 19/05/05

1 ICSI in Oct in Birmingham - BFN, starting DR at ARGC Feb.

Me 31, dh 31
DH - v low sperm count and is a carrier of a balanced translocation
1st ICSI - March 2005

TTC for over 2 years.? Severe MF.?
First attempt at ICSI - March 2005

Me 40, DH 43
ttc 5+ years
1st ICSI - ET Friday 8th July. Testing 20th July

1 failed ICSI Nov 04
Started FET Jan 05 with immune treatment - testing on 7/2/05 - BFP!

2nd ICSI Feb/Mar 2005

33 yrs old. I have had three failed ICSI with ARGC.
Currently waiting for my FSH levels to lower (latest 10.7)
Getting impatient - want to start a treatment b4 xmas to hopefully give me the best xmas present ever!!

Red Squirel
38yrs old, DH 41
Male factor
First ARGC cycle produced a wonderful daughter, currently on 2ww to get a brother or sister!

Me 36, Dh 53, 2 failed vasectomy reversals.
First appt ARGC 24th June

39, dh 43 ttc for over 3 years - unexplained infertility.
IUI at Barts last August and IVF at the Bridge Center Oct 04. Unfortunately, both negative, the latter cycle didn't even go to 2ww wait. Our eggs did not fertilise. No reason for that either. We are now at ARGC going through monitored cycle, my FSH is 8.1 which is not the best but not too bad either. I'm hoping to start ICSI in February.

Started TX in Dec 2004 with immune treatment.

I'm living in SW London and am currently having a monitoring cycle at the argc before starting ICSI

I'm 37, dh 36.? ttc since Nov 2001.? We live in SW London.? No known problems with me or dh, so 'unexplained'. Had 5 IUI' s all of which failed.? This was all through local clinic. Now at ARGC.? First ICSI Nov. 2004 sadly failed despite great embies.? Now having immune treatment for borderline NK and going through second ICSI Feb-Mar 2005.

Sparkle38 ( Audrey )
Me 38 DH 44 TTC 3 Years
1st ICSI ARGC March

Starting a month on Humira some time next week (w/c 10/1/05) & hope to start ICSI with IVIG once my levels are down.

I'm 33, dh is 32.? DH has azoospermia + carries cf gene.? TESA/PESA - 4th May.? 1st ICSI cycle started - 13th May 2004, Wed 30th June - BFP!!!!!! 12th week nuchal scan ok, 20th week anomaly scan ok....fingers crossed embie keeps growing.

Hoping to start ICSI #1 in early 2005​
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