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This thread contains the details of those who regularly post on the named thread. If you wish for your name to be added or details amended please send send the ICSI Moderator a IM and your details will be added.

FET with final 2 embryos - March 2005

Inbetween tx right now

FET in February 2005

Me 34 and DH 35. Diag with Stage 4 Endo Oct 2005.
TTC for 2 years
Currently taking Decapeptyl for endo.
First consultation with the Lister in Dec 05
Starting D/R on the 12th Jan, First Scan 18th Jan

Sienna born 11th March 2005, weighing 7lbs 5oz .
Conceived on third ICSI following two m/c.

FET with blasts (fingers crossed) early Feb.
Need prednisolone, aspirin and heparin and lots of good luck this time.

FET in Feb 2005.
BFP - first scan 30th March

3 IUI's at Elizabeth Garrett Anderson before starting at the Lister summer 2004. First ICSI - bfn Sept 2004, now mid tx on my second go. Fingers and toes crossed!!!

Me 42, DH 40. TTC 5 years.
2 natural pregnancies 2001 miscarried at 21 wks 6 days - incompetent cervix & 2003 miscarried at 11 weeks - abnormality.
ICSI at Lister June 2005 +ive but miscarried 6 weeks - cause unknown
2nd ICSI Nov/Dec 2005

1st ICSI December 2004, did not get as far as transfer.
2nd ICSI cycle Feb/March 05 BFP! ;D

5 IVF cycles between April 02 and June 03. 2 chemical pregnancies followed by 3 negatives. Diagnosed with highly active natural killer (NK) cells prior to 6th cycle.
FET Nov 03. One 3 day embryo survived to blastocyst stage (day 6) and transferred. With clexane, prednisolerone and asprin tested positive 20.11.03 EDD 29.07.04. Chloe Isabella, born 30.07.04 weighing 7lb 15oz!

Had treatment in September and now 17 weeks pregnant with twins!

6½ wk scan 13/01/05 - all fine one little heartbeat! EDD 3/09/05​
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