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sharon oneil said:
Dear Peter

You look like the person to ask as I am feeling pretty low at the moment I am in the middle of ivf egg donor,

Sorry that you are feeling low, try to stay as positive as possible.

You are the donor or the recipient? Is it your first attempt?

I have just been for my first scan they have found only 4 eggs two of which are very small, didnt really listen as was so upset but what does this mean give me the realisitic stuff,

It does not sound as though the response is sufficient this cycle although more follicles may develop this is unlikely. It sounds like you need a higher dose of a stronger drug like Gonal F.

today is tues and they have asked me to double my dose to 4 amps a day I am on menopur and I have to go back on friday for another scan, is there any chance of me making more eggs now

Possibly, see above

and will they grow in time as I am due to have my eggs collected on monday can they leave me on menopur longer or is this too dangerous???

Monday/Tuesday would be your EC day from what you say. Any longer and the egg quality will decline.

i know should have asked these questions today but all I heard was four eggs and wanted to run a million miles away.

I know, that's what I am here for.

Good luck!


I know your busy but look forward to your response asap. thanks alot sharon
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