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Myself and my husband have been ttc 5 years and 7 months. 2 years in i had a lap and dye test and found my tubes were blocked. We were told to go to IVF. I had my appt with the Dr to get me referred to lime tree and had the appt (was about 2 1/2 years by this point) and was told i would have to lose weight and we would have 3 tried at IVF and the wait was less than 3 months at esperance. I nearly got to that weight (just over half a stone to go) and panicked and just couldnt go back for the appt and got used to not going ahead with treatment. . Then after, in august 2009 i had another very early miscarriage. Booked a private appt with my consultant - who did the surgery on me originally and he referred me to get another lap and dye test and managed to unblock my tubes much to all our disbelief. We were so excited again and started ttc again. Now 13 months down the line still not pg. Had another very early m/c 1st December. They were all faint lines but successive. We have had a lot of miscarriages. Its a total of 12 miscarriages for sure now with 4 more possible ones. So, just saw the consultant again today and he said i need to go back to the dr and get a refferal back to lime tree for IVF, only thing is ive put back on quite a bit more weight. I am going to see it thru this time. I have to. Its heartbreaking!

So, sorry its so long, my main questions are
1) any idea how long the wait is to see the fertility dr at lime tree now?
2) now my tubes are unblocked what are the chances of just being given clomid for a few months first?
3) does lime tree offer any fertility treatments or is it just referrals?
4) what is the likely timeline (if i was at the correct weight now)?
5) what is the likely clinic to be sent to now? When i was going to get referred the Angora (think thats the name, in hove)had only just opened and no nhs patients yet but they were considering it. I was told id be sent to esperance in eastbourne.
6) what are the likely amount of tries will i be given? I was offered 3 cycles last time but i know its a timing and location lottery.
7) any words of advice?

ANY replies would be great, even a group link if there is somewhere else that could answer the questions. Thanks.

(dont think i have a siggy but its out of date if i do.....)
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