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Hello All,
My partner and I had successful IVF 4 years ago which resulted in a very beautiful little girl. Since that we had another surprise pregnancy, this time natural, and we had our second daughter Rosie 10 months ago.
As a result of the IVF treatment we have quite a few top rated embryos in storage, which now we won't be able to use (if we had time and money we would definitely have more children).
I have contacted Seed.org and was put forward to CRGH clinic in London where we had lots of screening tests. We were so excited to donate and make somebody happy, but! Tests came back and they identified a small genetical fault in my husband's genes. It's not even a full gene but a part of it, but nonetheless this means that our daughters potentially could be carriers. We were told by the Dr that 25% of UK population have some of mutation and it's harmless, unless the person meets somebody with exact same mutation. And this means that even although clinic understands how small the risk is, they are saying it will take time to find recipients (so they are not ditching us).
This is a very long shot, but I wondered if anyone would want to accept a perfectly healthy embryo (we've run the genetical tests on them so they are clear), but potentially being carriers? This means there's no risk for the children, but they would need to have a genetical tests done on partner's when they come to an age.
As I said, this is a totally long shot, but I am absolutely heartbroken and trying to see if there's any other way rather than just binning the precious little things.
Thank you xx
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