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Hi all,

Can anybody please help? My DP and I are planning to head to Cyprus for ICSI in Feb. We used to live there so don't need to arrange accommodation or anything. I've been round the houses on all the message boards looking for reviews/information/experiences but can't find anything about the CIC clinic in Famagusta.

That's my preferred option purely because of the location but I'm curious about that fact the no-one else seems to have gone there! :-\

I know they are part of the UKCFA and have partnerships with Harley Street and Liverpool Women's Hospital. They're also linked to the QE in Gateshead which is where I would be having tx if we were eligible for NHS funding, but unfortunately we're not. 

So, with all these links to clinics in the UK there must be someone who has been there........don't you think?! I'd really like to hear from anyone who has been there - or even just looked at it as an option so i can exchange thoughts with someone. We're using our own eggs and sperm but i know it's more popular for its donor services.

Pleas help if you can! Thanks.xx
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